Restashing Yarn

I’ve been re-stashing my yarn supply after putting down crochet for many years. Here’s some of my latest finds. Deb’s hand dyed crochet thread, sold by newfboss on eBay, come in a variety of delicious colorways. I picked up Mermaid and Purple Passion for my amulet bag thread collection. Deb's Hand-dyed Crochet ThreadDeb's Hand-dyed Crochet Thread Deb's Hand-dyed Crochet Thread I picked up some fun stuff at Jo-Ann’s. Bamboo crochet threads and the Homespun were on clearance. I used my Jo-Ann’s coupon on the Kroy Socks yarn. I can’t wait to try the Homespun and Kroy! Joann's haul More eBaying. There are tons of sellers in China and Hong Kong auctioning a wide variety of yarns, often going for killer prices (like $0.99 a skein or even cheaper), with free shipping even. This first batch are cotton “sport” weight yarns. They’re pretty light… probably closer to fingering or lighter. The plies are loosely twisted, and I had some concern they would be difficult to use. However, once I got rolling, crocheting with them was no problem. The motif I whipped out came out bout 2/3’s the size of the same one made with Mini Mochi. Chinese and Korean Yarns These guys just arrived. Aloe fiber/cotton blends; blends that are some combination of  mohair, angora, and wool (very fine yarn!!!), and a cotton with a colorway that leaves me wondering what I was thinking. The three wool-angora-mohair yarns are in beautiful colors… I may be crocheting scarves all winter long!

Chinese Yarns

To find some of these Asian yarns, try searching eBay in Yarn for items under $5 with free shipping.

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