Granny-a-Day 24-27: CAL Blocks and Fancy Grannies

Between working on a custom crochet pouch order and fall hiking trips, I’ve been falling behind a bit. I’m crocheting nearly every day, just not getting grannies done for this project. Some of these larger blocks from the CAL take me a couple days to finish, but as long as I’m crocheting daily, and better yet, adding squares to my project, I consider it a success.

The first three blocks are from the Crafty Crochet Community Block a week 2014 CAL. Most folks are using DK weight, resulting in 12″ blocks. I’m using lace weight acrylic-wool blend, resulting in 3.5″ blocks.

Starfire by Melinda Miller (CAL Week 5) 


Basket of Berries by Melinda Miller (CAL Week 4)

Unfortunately, while trying to work the reverse popcorn stitches to the front I pulled too hard and broke a join, so this one is beginning to unravel. This is a beautiful block, so I will redo it at some point. The reverse popcorn is a bit challenging with this fine yarn, so I may do the “berries” with a regular popcorn the next time.

Basket of Berries

SmoothFox’s Starburst Flower Square (CAL Week 3)

SmoothFox Starburst Flower Square

Chocolate Box (#145 – 200 Crochet Blocks)

This square is from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match (I’m using the 2005 edition with the red color scheme on the cover). The pattern is named for the color scheme in the book. I’m using different colors, so maybe I should call them “White Chocolate Box” and “Moldy Chocolate Box,”

Chocolate Box (#145) Chocolate Box (#145)

These were all done with the lace weight acrylic-wool blend I’ve been working with for this project.

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