Cozied Vials

I have my new line of Cozied Vials now listed in my Etsy shop! I’m listing them for just $12 with free shipping.

These tiny glass vials are snuggled in cotton crocheted cozies available in a variety of colors. The cozy is perfect for medicine pouches, protecting your vial from stones and other treasures you keep in your pouch. The vial cozy is decorated with a small charm or precious mineral stone beads, and contains a your choice of a Tibetan quartz crystal point or tiny feather.


The vial is 1.25″ long (plus the cork) and 0.5″ in diameter. If you don’t see your color listed, or would like to request a specific charm or bead, please send me a note with your order. I am happy to work with you to customize your cozied vial!

Vials Vials

I have a variety of metal charms and beads in silver, bronze, and copper colored metals, including feathers, moons, stars, suns, birds, Buddhas, and hamsa (hand) symbols. My precious minerals and beads stash includes turquoise, amethyst, carnelian, apatite, abalone, and many more!


Note, I offer a free cozied vial with my most of my crocheted amulet pouches:

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