Zen and the Art of Coloring

I’ve been coloring for a while, usually printing off pages I found on the web. I used to keep a jar of Crayolas and Spectracolor pencils on my desk at work, and color either while on a long phone call (especially a conference call where I’m listening more than conversing) or just to take a short break from a difficult task.

After reading a discussion about coloring books for grown-ups, I decided to up my game a bit, and ordered a couple coloring books and some of the pencils and pens recommended by Johanna Basford. While I have the Crayolas and Spectracolors, I wanted to try the tools recommended by one of the big coloring book artists herself. I didn’t get the recommended pens – I prefer pencils on paper. However, I do like markers for Dover’s stained glass coloring books (printed on some kind of vellum?), so I may go back for the pens later.

Coloring books and supplies Coloring!

List of my new goodies

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