Multitasking multicrafting

I spent part of yesterday finishing off some macramé jewelry projects for friends. Two pieces, a beaded necklace and a skull prayer bead bracelet, went out the door with my best friend and her daughter before I got photos. Here’s the bracelet for the other daughter. It features a magnesite peace symbol with the rainbow macramé wristband woven through it. The macramé was done with Red Heart Sizzle Fiesta Mix nylon crochet thread around an imitation leather core. The thread is lighter than Super-lon #18, but worked beautifully for this project. I used glass tile beads in green, aqua, blue, violet, and dark red along the wristband and dangles.

Peace Sign Bracelet

For the younger daughter I’d made a Tibetan skull bead bracelet in black similar to the ones pictured here. I liked how it turned out so much, I immediately made a couple to put in my Etsy shop.

Tibetan Skull Bead Bracelets Tibetan Skull Bead Bracelets

When I’m not working in my studio, I’m often crocheting on the couch with my new yarns. I’ve been experimenting with different amulet pouch designs. The cream colored one is a test piece made with a thicker yarn, and is destined to become a festival bag. The three smaller bags are made with Aunt Lydia’s Cotton Classic Size 10. The unfinished project is a luscious reclaimed silk yarn from Darn Good Yarns. I’m playing around with incorporating beads into the crochet, embroidering over the crochet, and doing granny circle flower/mandala bottoms.

Crochet Amulet Pouches

I have a pile of dreamcatchers in the works. Some of the rings I ordered weren’t quite the advertised sizes, so I’ll be posting some odd-ball 2.5″ dreamcatchers in addition to the standard 2″ and 3″ (the ones closest to the camera in the first shot are 3″).


The dozen smallest dreamcatchers in the photo above will be made into pendants. I just received a big order of new beads, so I’m excited to get to work on finishing these. I spent part of my evening going through all the new beads setting up the bead combinations for the fringe. I’ve long used standard muffin tins for beadwork. I was thrilled to find this mini muffin tin at the thrift store last week. A dozen slots in a manageable size, just the right size for setting up projects.

Dreamcatcher Pendants

Enough fun! Back to work I go!!!

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