Medicine Pouches

I’ve been wanting to get back to making one of my favorite jewelry lines. I’d been toying with new ideas for the line, so I finally pulled out my buckskin, bone, and beads and got down to work.


I’ve been wanting to try rolling my own fringe. I am pleased with the results.

Rolling Fringe

Buckskin bits.

Scrap Pile

A collection of stones and crystals I’ve been wanting to work with.

Amulet Stones

Old trade beads and turquoise.

Turquoise and Old Trade Beads

Small hairpipe beads… the source of my inspiration this day.

Staining Bone Beads

I worked up a design based on traditional bone hairpipe chokers and breastplates worn by many northern tribes.


Working the design into a tobacco colored pouch with rolled fringe.

Medicine Pouch

With the addition of a horsehair tassel and some beads, the piece is finished.

Medicine Pouch

There are several more coming. Keep and eye on my Etsy shop!

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