Japanese Flower Bouquet

A few weeks ago, I started a project to crochet Japanese Flower motifs with Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn. I haven’t decided what the end project will be, but I’m leaning towards a shawl or wrap.

Japanese Flowers

I don’t really have a plan, so I don’t have any rules to follow. I’ve decided when I run out of one colorway, I’ll pick up another skein of whatever Mini Mochi colorway strikes my fancy.

I started with the Mini Mochi Jungle colorway (violet, blue, teal, green). Jungle has long strips of greens, which is a very pretty color, but I don’t find it appealing for the flower motif (you can see a few in the pictures). When I reach the green sections, I crochet leaf motifs or use it in other motifs until I run into the next color.

After finishing off a skein of Jungle, I picked up a skein of Autumn Rainbow (peach, orange, olive, teal, violet, rose). While the olive green sections aren’t very long, I’ve been using them for leaf motifs.

These photos show the Jungle and Autumn Rainbow motifs I’ve crocheted so far. I have a skein of Drama queued up next!

Japanese Flowers Japanese Flowers

Revlie has a free Japanese Flower motif tutorial, which is the reference I used to start this project..

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