Granny-a-Day with Lace Yarn

In the effort to restash my yarn supply, I purchased a variety of yarns from eBay. Many of the yarns originate from China, Korea, and other places in Asia, mostly shipped from China and Hong Kong. I kept coming across this gorgeous lace weight color called “Bramble Berry.” I wasn’t sure I wanted such a fine yarn, but I couldn’t resist the color.

Bramble Berry

After trying it out, I decided I really like this yarn. For such a fine yarn (“thread” might be a better label), it’s quite easy to work with. It’s a blend of acrylic, wool, and cashmere. The plies are nicely wound, so the yarn doesn’t split easily. I’m using a Susan Bates Steelite 1.7mm hook. I went ahead and ordered twenty or so of the colors through eBay (three skein sets through the auctions). Most of the yarns I ordered came from Sinicism or Baytree. In some places (like Ravelry) the brand is listed as Baytree, but the yarns are not clearly labeled. I believe each shop applies their own brand name to these yarns. The yarns are consistently titled “lace soft acrylic wool cashmere,” and are sold and/or auctioned in single skein, three skein, and six skein sets.

Lace Yarn Colors

I decided to start my own “Granny-a-Day” project with these yarns. Eventually, I plan to stitch my squares together into a scarf. I’ll post my grannies in batches every few days. Here’s a sneak peek from the first batch I’ll be posting.



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