Granny-a-Day 5-7: Flowers and Itty Bitty Grannies

The first one Is a Japanese Flower motif converted to a square.

For the first one (red flower, olive green background): after finishing the flower, I did a CH 3 from petal to petal for a total of twelve 3-CH behind the petals. I connected each 3-CH with an SC stitch, inserting my hook from the back between the last DC in one petal and the first DC in the next, inserting my hook from the front through the same spot as one of the petal slip stitches, and pulling the yarn completely through, then completing the SC stitch. For the next round, I did [DC 3 in a 3-CH twice, then DC 3, CH 3, DC 3 to form a corner], repeating this sequence three more times around the flower. From there, I simply continued adding to the square, putting a DC in each DC of the previous row, and DC 2, CH 2, DC 2 in the chain spaces at the corners.

For the second one (violet flower, beige background) I did something similar to the first, but working granny square DC/CH sequences instead of straight DC stitches.

Japanese Flower Motif Square

Japanese Flower Japanese Flower

The next two are from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match (I’m using the 2005 edition with the red color scheme on the color).

Four Patch Granny (#43 – 200 Crochet Blocks)

Slip stitching the squares together was a bit tedious, so I only made one of these.

Four Patch Granny

Water Lily (#16 – 200 Crochet Blocks)

This was a pretty and fun pattern to work, but I don’t quite have the hang of working behind the petals, so my petals want to slip into the back of the square. The dark flower (nearly black) is done in a color called “Dark Navy” (or “Blue Black”). It looks nearly black to the eye, so I’m not sure I’ll be using much more of it. I’ll probably see if I can get some of the Navy Blue and Sky Blue to use.

Waterlily Waterlily 100_7370 Waterlily

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