Crocheted Amulet Pouches

Wondering what I’ve been doing with all that yarn? Amulet pouches! These were so fun to make, I’m sure I’ll be making many more!

African Turquoise Amulet Pouch

This pouch was crocheted from Aunt Lydia’s #10 crochet thread in a delicious color called “Aspen.” The beaded tassel features African green turquoise, glass seed beads, and two-toned amber and turquoise drops.

World Turtle Amulet Pouch

This pouch was crocheted from wool, recycled silk, and cotton yarns. The green Navajo Churrow sheep wool used to make the bottom of the pouch comes from local Flagstaff master dyer Zuni Ishikawa, who used indigo and rabbit brush to create the beautiful earthy green color. The lusciously soft main body of the pouch was created using Darn Good Yarns recycled silk yarn. Their lines of silk yarns employ women in India and Nepal to make these beautiful yarns from reclaimed silk waste. The top beaded trim is cotton.

The drawstring tassels are adorned with wood and ceramic beads. From one tassel hangs a bead painted with a handprint, an icon common in ancient Native American ruins throughout the Southwest, where painted handprints can often be found among other pictographs. The other tassel features the World Turtle: a ceramic turtle topped with the flat disk of the world, representing an ancient world creation myth.

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