Itty Bitty Vials in Itty Bitty Cozies

I was playing around with an idea for adding a small glass vial as a freebie for my amulet pouches, and struck on an entirely new line of creations to offer! I’m calling these guys “cozy vials.” For now, I have added them as a freebie to my pouches, but I should be offering them for sale individually in the next few days.

The cozies will come in an array of colors, and feature a charm or bead dangling from the lip of the cozy. The necklace version of the cozy vial will also have a small tassel with a couple larger beads or a charm. The vials will be offered with a tiny feather or quartz point, with more options as I develop them.

Vials Vials Cozy Vials Cozy Vials

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